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JBBC prides itself on delivering effective baseball experiences which provide quality results to its players on and off the field. We'd love to know what you think of your experiences to help us make any improvements necessary.
Is your son enjoying his experience with JBBC?
Are your overall expectations being met with JBBC?
Is the coaching staff knowledgeable and providing developmental feedback?
Does the coaching staff lead by example and treat the players with respect?
Does the coaching staff enforce a positive learning environment?
Does the coaching staff communicate effectively about team issues (i.e., budget, playing time, schedules, etc.)?
Does the coaching staff provide a comfortable environment for parent questions, concerns, and feedback?
Do you believe the JBBC organization has an "open door" policy for questions, concerns, and feedback?
How would you rate the indoor practice facility?How would you rate the indoor practice facility?
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